Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bank Negara Malaysia Money Museum and Art Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Date : 1st June 2013
Time : 930am - 1230am
Venue : Bank Negara Malaysia Money Museum and Art Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Reason : Field Trip Research

My first impression of an art centre or museum is boring, boring, sien, boring because I'm not a person who will sit or stand still there look things and discover stuff. So when there's a field trip for this subject, I got mix feeling -> ah? Go or not? 

So weeks before the field trip, I did visit their website for more information. Their website design was like, wow, Malaysia government website can be this nice. So I quite excited and can't wait for the field trip.

When I'm there, the architecture design was quite nice so as the interior, Clean, simple, modern and with some new media in it which we can interact with it. *Now I change my point of view towards a museum*. I can see they trying to make the museum alive which I found quite interesting for people like me which cannot stand still looking at things. Other than that, there is also a lot of things we never never never see before. I feel like I don't live in Malaysia. Saw those antique stuff is like, waaaaaah! Now I can imagine how the old time livings is like. They even display those things they use to make coins. And you can see those coin size from pearl size to nowadays 50 cent size, paper money from super big piece into nowadays standard size etc etc. And you can see, money design last time looks so nice *personally think la*

It's interesting that I will recommend my oversea friends *if i have one* to visit this museum and I would like to visit again because 2 hours is not enough. Here lepak there cakap, 2 hours is gone. Would probably spend whole day looking at those tiny tiny small small things.

If there is 3 question for me to ask anyone who create everything in this museum,
1. Why is the bank note would like to design like this (From old design to design nowadays). Is it represent Malaysia's evolution? 
2. What is the idea behind designing the museum inside out like this? Architecture and using interactive media.
3. What is the size consideration of making the paper money from so big to small? Why you will make the size nowadays as the standard size?

Let the photos show you something inside the museum :

Please visit here to view more information about Bank Negara Malaysia Money Museum and Art Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Final Project Initial Idea ( Web Design Communication 1)

I was given project title : How to.................. Here is some of my ideas for this subject's project.

1. How to recreate, remake unwanted t-shirt.
- How to D.I.Y
- Tutorial about crop, slash.wave, braid on unwanted t-shirt into an interesting new t-shirt.
- Tutorial Making accessories using unwanted t-shirt

Source : 

2. 3R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
- Simplified and summarize about this habit. (What? How?)
- Importance of 3R's. (Why?)

Source : 

3. How to fall asleep faster.
- What makes us insomnia
- Ways to sleep faster

Source : 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Screenshots On Beautiful Website With Analysis.

I'm going to do some screenshots on few beautiful websites and with a little bit analysis of the web based on my personal opinion. *No offence*  :D. Actually I'm just doing my Web Design assignment  *teehee*  

First website named Fitz Fitzpatrick. It is quite nice and its all like hand-draw illustration,hand writing typography as simple explanation, natural art style. I'm loving the art-style of this website and the color used is just nice. When you roll over the icon, they will appear skeleton of the icon (sketch one) and this designer use these specific icons to represent himself and did a lil explanation on it. Fitz Fitzpatrick

The roll over icon.

How the designer describe himself and draw himself. (Below)

No. 2
The second website that I found very cute. I got attracted by the cat logo probably. They let the viewer/readers to choose the style they like before they enter the website. I found this quite interesting. Maybe with your chosen style, you'll be more comfortable and feel warmer/close to the webpage? I think so because I feel this way. And they include some java script inside to make the webpage more alive. Mimai




Simple, neat and tidy interface with vintage style. 

There is also option for you to change your style at the bottom. 

Simple icon deliver correct information although we don't understand the language.

3rd website I found was cool! The artstyle make the website look so 3D but not messing up everything. Grey, white, black, red, pink...simple color but it make the website look so personalize, professional designed. Cool vector art of this website is really attractive. Nerisson

When roll over the pictures/photos/icons

No. 4
Last but not least, 4th website - Uniqlo Thailand website. It is quite unique. They mainly use red and white color and add on black and grey for others. 4 simple colors make 1 nice website. The angle of this website is similar like Facebook game. And when you roll over those buses, there are some people's comments popping up (I guess is comment. I don't know how to read Thai.). When I click on their map, it's so lively. Cars moving around, sky train, Uniqlo buses etc. Interesting website. Other than lively map, there is also 3D floor plan! So understanding and user-friendly. Uni Group Thailand

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Screenshot on Web Design Photoshop Tutorial Website.

Tutorial website on Photoshop and Illustrator sometimes its helpful when we need some tool to help us continue on our work. Meanwhile, tutorial website interface do attract us to continue reading on the tutorials.

I'm going to screenshot some tutorial website that I think is quite useful and helpful to me. Hope you like it.


There is a few web design tutorial in this website and I found it quite nice. The way they teach also quite detail and they wrote what they will be using in the tutorial and attached link to download so you can follow their tutorial nicely. 
Few popular articles stated in this blog.  You can search most clicking articles here.
There is also categories for you to choose in between Web Development & Graphic Categories. Quite thoughtful.

No. 2
Continue sharing another web tutorial using Photoshop. This web design tutorial contain 200 different design and tutorial. I can feel that its like a dictionary that solve your problems. *laugh* Different style of layout contain here. 

Omg! Found not only web web design but also navigation bar, search bar tutorial available. So nice. This tutorial website really nice. *nod head*

No. 3
Another tutorial website found. Another 40 over web interface design photoshop tutorial found. 

There is a facebook page on his website. And a recent activity side bar available. So you can keep update on what he uploaded!

No. 4
Last but not least.........

This website have different style of layout. Eg from this website : Dark corporate, Cartoon, Business, Software etc...

There is also some links on this website, the owner stated - my friends. All about design. Icon design, iPhone, Tutorials etc etc.

It come to an end of my screenshot on web design Photoshop tutorial website. I also found those tutorial website that contain 30+, 40+, 50+ tutorial on 1 website useful because you'll never know what style or what kind of design you're going to do. So, in this post, I recommend and screenshot on the major tutorial web page instead of one tutorial web page. Hope my readers will like it  :)